Founded in 1987, today AMI Förder- und Lagertechnik GmbH, headquartered in Luckenbach, is a leading provider of partially and fully automated intralogistics systems. With around 160 employees, the company develops, plans, produces and builds single components and complete intralogistics solutions. Supported by custom-tailored software solutions, AMI responds to the demand for digitisation.

AMI's excellent vertical integration of over 87 percent allows the company to offer consistent supply capabilities and to address individual customer requirements.

In addition, our portfolio includes robot-assisted units for manufacturing and assembly as well as fully-automated production lines for a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

We have handled projects in many different countries both within Europe and abroad, as AMI moves into international intralogistics markets.

Modern technologies and a team of experienced service and maintenance specialists ensure efficient system operations in all projects, whether in our home market of Germany or internationally.

AMI's customers include leading brands and companies from all sectors of industry, trade, e-commerce, and logistics services.


Today, AMI is proud to look back on over 30 years of company history. 1987 - A committed team lays the cornerstone for the company. Already specialised in components and conveyor systems at the time, AMI not only expanded its spectrum of services over the years, but also continuously grew its workforce and company facilities.

2018 - Picking technologies are added to the portfolio with newly developed software AMI IT-Solution WLS4.0

2012 - the company moves to its new complex in Luckenbach

2009 - Introduction of a new, consistent ERP system

2007 - Chief Executive Officer Stefan Brenner enters his position

2000 - Mechanical engineering and automation technology added to the portfolio

1997 - Portfolio expanded with heavy-duty conveyor technology

1990 - Company begins to manufacture its own lightweight conveyor technology

1987 - Company founded by Jonny R. Schmidt as the service provider for assembly in intralogistics

Company mission

AMI stands for Automation, Material flows and Intralogistics

A high degree of vertical integration, reliability, quality and a strong focus on innovation are our guiding principles.

Finding an intelligent combination of human and machine and identification with our customers are also key. With commitment and expertise, the team ensures consistently high quality and custom solutions.

This allows us to address our customers’ needs in the best possible way at all times.

AMI values our ability to continuously create new jobs and training positions. The only way to develop intelligent machinery and guarantee sustainability is to keep motivated, smart employees on our team.

AMI customers benefit from

  • A high degree of customer orientation
  • A high degree of vertical integration for quick reaction capabilities
  • The best possible reliability and efficiency
  • Expertise and competence from the experts
  • A very high level of motivation and commitment
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Attractive employer: Growth and employee development
  • Qualified service and support


Quality standards

Quality on every level: AMI has made a name for itself as a complete provider in the conveyor, warehouse and automation technology segment. As a leading company in system and component sales, AMI focuses on industries and ensures quality throughout the entire process chain. This guarantees security for your investment, creating sustainability and trust.

AMI always recognises our responsibility towards people and the environment: our careful use of resources and energy efficiency, and the sustainability of the intralogistics solutions we develop fulfil the highest ecological and economical standards.

All of our employees are committed to our service strategy and focused on innovation, creating the foundation for AMI’s future-oriented focus on customer demands. Our broad range of customised solutions, in use around the world, is proof of our quality promise.

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