Belt conveyor GF80

Belt conveyor GF80-1300-MI

The GF 80-1300-MI belt conveyor offers a centre drive (M) and an interior Drive (I). The drive station has a clamp travel of 1300 mm. The GF80-1300-MI is used primarily to transport conveyed goods moved horizontally and on a slope such as containers, cargo, panels, plastic bags and cardboard packaging, as well as for chaining machines and systems.

We are happy to offer different configurations to meet your requirements.


technical data

Line load (max.)

50 kg/m

Ambient temperature

-5 to +50 °C

Installation area

dry operation in enclosed facilities


250 - 1200 mm (in 50 mm increments)**


10000 - 35000 mm

Drive drum diameter

159 mm (rubberisation of the drive drum available)

Deviation drum diameter

80 / 130 mm

Angle of inclination (max.)
Belt design

PVC 2-layer, smooth (different variations available)

Drive power

0,37 - 2,2 kW; Connection for 220/240 - 380/415 V, 50 Hz. Protective class IP 54

Speed (max.)

84 m/min


C-profile frame H=80 mm, open or closed at the bottom


Profile frame in RAL colour selected by the customer, or in galvanized version