Belt conveyor GF80

Belt conveyor GF80-620-MI

The GF80-620-MI belt conveyor offers a centre drive (M) and an interior Drive (I). The drive station has a clamp travel of 620 mm. The GF 80-620-MI is used primarily to transport goods moved horizontally and on a slope, such as containers, cargo, panels, plastic bags and cardboard packaging, as well as to serve as a buffer section for oriented single parts and for chaining machines and systems.

We are happy to offer different configurations to meet your requirements.


technical data

Line load (max.)

50 kg/m

Ambient temperature

-5 to +50 °C

Installation area

dry operation in enclosed facilities


250 - 1200 mm (in 50 mm increments)**


1500 - 15000 mm

Belt ratio

1 : 1,5 (width to length)

Drive drum diameter

133 mm (rubberisation of the drive drum available)

Deviation drum diameter

80 / 130 mm

Angle of inclination (max.)
Belt design

PVC 2-layer, smooth (different variations available)

Drive power

0,37 - 1,5 kW; Connection for 220/240 - 380/415 V, 50 Hz. Protective class IP 54

Speed (max.)

84 m/min


C-profile frame H=80 mm, open or closed at the bottom


Profile frame in RAL colour selected by the customer, or in galvanized version