Heavy duty roller conveyor

Heavy-duty roller conveyor SRB50-85

The heavy duty roller conveyor SRB50-85 is used for gravity-operated transportation of heavy cargo. Comprehensive AMI system accessories, such as lateral guides and end stops, allow the heavy duty roller conveyor SRB50-85 to be adjusted to meet customer requirements.

We are happy to offer different configurations to meet your requirements.


technical data

Carrying capacity (max.)

250 kg/m*

Ambient temperature

0 to +30 °C


200 - 1000 mm (in 50mm increments)**

Roller pitch

78 / 104 / 130 / 156 / 182 mm


max. 3.000 mm (a multiple of the roller pitch)

Roller type

Heavy duty roller

Roller diameter

50 mm

Roller material

Galvanised steel**


U-Profile frame 40/80/40x3 mm, Galvanised steel**, profile height 60 mm, top edge of the rollers is 5 mm above the U-profile frame

*Surface load: Reference value at width NB 300, span 1.5 m and roller pitch 78 mm
**others on request