Roller conveyor (400V)

Roller merge ARZ50-130

Powered roller merge ARZ50-130 is used to infeed/outfeed conveyed goods on conveyors.

We are happy to offer different configurations to meet your requirements.

technical data

Line load (max.)

50 kg/m*

Ambient temperature

0 to +50 °C

Installation area

dry operation in enclosed facilities


300 - 1200 mm (50 mm increments)**

Roller pitch

62,5 / 125 / 187,5 / 250 mm


875 to 3000 mm (a multiple of the roller pitch)

Roller type

Carrier roller with plastic bearing housing and ball bearings

Roller diameter

50 mm

Roller material

Galvanised steel**

Drive power

0,37 - 0,75 kW; Connection for 220/240 - 380/415 V, 50 Hz. Protective class IP 54

Speed (max.)

72 m/min


C-profile frame: 36/120/36x3 mm, powder coated, top edge of the roller is 10 mm above the Profile frame**

*Surface load: Reference value at width NB 300, span 1.5 m and roller pitch 62.5 mm
**others on request