Rotary extractor/diverter DRA

The rotary diverter from AMI is the heart of modern assembly and sorting systems. Plastic containers, cardboard boxes, single packages and wrappers can be outfed quickly, precisely and reliably from the conveyor path, as well as on parallel and transverse tracks.

Benefit from the flexibility of the AMI rotary diverter: it is mounted in an appropriate location on the conveyor path and can easily be converted during equipment overhauls, modifications, or logistics changes. This eliminates the need to separate conveyor technology as in conventional switch systems. In contrast to many other switch systems, the AMI rotary diverter also works with moving closed cargo series, while offering much more efficient sorting. In addition, AMI rotary diverters can be retrofitted as a flexible addition to an existing system, increasing capacity to meet almost any level of demand.

We are happy to offer different configurations to meet your requirements.