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Intralogistics / Conveyor systems

Ultimately, having a design that matches up with customer requirements is key to creating a material flow system or complete intralogistics system that functions as a single unit. Components must be precisely matched to the conveyor task at hand - whether manual or power-operated - and combined to achieve efficiency and good overall productivity. The modular AMI component range includes a comprehensive spectrum of manual and power-operated conveyor technology components for transporting lightweight and heavy goods. This perfectly adapted modular system can be used to meet diverse requirements efficiently, economically, and with the right degree of automation. The possibilities offered by its modular design, and the ability to expand or adapt conveyor systems at any time - for instance if the customer's product range is expanded - help meet the operator's need for a sustainable long-term investment.

Innovative solutions for your intralogistics

Light-duty conveyor systems


  • AML light-duty conveyor technology components are the right choice any time customers need to make production processes and shipping procedures as efficient and economical as possible. With conveyor technology specifically designed for lightweight goods - transported in containers or cardboard boxes - intralogistics processes can be optimised in almost every industry, such as mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce and the paper and plastics industry. Just like all of AMI's conveyor systems and equipment, our light-duty conveyor technology is based on a proven modular system of components and intelligent control systems, as well as a broad range of standardised accessories.
  • With a package of services tailored to customer requirements, AMI's experts handle projects to design both standard and customised conveyor systems professionally, quickly, and in a goal-oriented manner. Our services range from consulting and planning to design and production to assembly and commissioning. AMI's comprehensive service and maintenance are available around the clock, 365 days a year to ensure the best possible system availability at all times.

From standard to custom

Heavy-duty conveyor systems


  • Transporting heavy loads remains a unique challenge for conveyor technology. We implement the operator's transportation needs using the right conveyor technology, based on the weight, dimensions and properties of the goods to be transported. Frequently, this involves complex sets of requirements that our planners and designers use to develop the best and most efficient system possible.
  • Frequently, we are able to create individual systems and complete equipment for transporting heavy cargo using standard components from the modular AMI system. The spectrum of conveyed goods ranges from loaded pallets to pallet boxes to containers and special load carriers. Thanks to our high degree of vertical integration, we can go beyond the standard to meet individual requirements and create even complex systems to transport heavy cargo, with components developed in-house. Maintaining ongoing delivery capabilities, outstanding quality and system availability is our mission.
  • Our heavy-duty conveyor systems are used, for instance, in the automotive industry, in mechanical engineering and in many other industries and areas of production and warehousing.

Complete solutions

Customised from A to Z

  • Maximum availability and consistently high system performance are standard requirements for sorting and distribution technologies used, for instance, by courier express and package service provider logistics centres, as well as in shipping and e-commerce distribution centres. With components, modules and sub-systems from the AMI modular system, we can configure sorting and distribution equipment to meet specific requirements.