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All-around carefree package for your intralogistics

Intralogistics service and support


  • In a time when e-commerce is growing consistently and digitisation is increasing, customers have high demands for the availability of automated intralogistics systems. With service and support tailored to customer needs, AMI ensures the performance and efficiency of its own and third party intralogistics systems across their entire life cycle.
  • Our spectrum of services ranges from preventative maintenance to our hotline service to replacement parts supplies and overhauls, to training your service employees.
  • The AMI service team assembles a service package to meet your needs in consultation with you - from individual to full service - ensuring maximum availability for your intralogistics system.

Available 24/7


We are here for you, up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • 24/7 availability
    Modern technology provides quick remote access to our on-call team. This allows us to detect and solve any problems quickly.
  • 24/7 on site service
    If we are not able to resolve a fault over the telephone or via remote access, our highly qualified on-call technicians are also available on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Maintenance and spare parts service

Inspection, maintenance, repair, spare parts availability

  • Inspection, testing and maintenance
    Regular testing, inspection or maintenance of your system helps avoid unplanned downtimes, gives you more flexibility in planning repairs, and reduces maintenance costs. This also makes it possible to concentrate on the required work, and determine the cause of abnormalities more quickly.
  • Repairs and maintenance
    System components will experience more wear and tear the greater the demands placed on them. If replacement parts are available, we will replace the critical components and restore the system to its former availability. If a normal exchange no longer makes sense, we are also available to overhaul your system.
  • Spare parts availability
    Since we produce almost all of the components used in our systems ourselves, short delivery times are the standard for our company, not the exception.


With our retrofitting and overhaul services, we get your intralogistics ready to meet the high demands placed on everyday logistics

A company may choose to overhaul its intralogistics systems for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from changing requirements to needing a higher level of automation in conjunction with digital networking, to making optimisations because components are no longer performing at the proper technical level Technical component from drives to controllers.

  • Inventory (complete system incl. software)
  • Performance measurements for existing system
  • Interface analysis
  • Creating an retrofit concept, incl. offer
  • Completing work (typically without interruptions)

Training and education

Training, instruction and education

You need well-trained personnel to make sure your system works optimally. We are happy to provide our expertise and to train your personnel so that they understand your system and can operate it reliably.