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Digitalisation is advancing rapidly. At the same time, the complexity of processes and systems in production and intralogistics is increasing. All partially and fully automated systems involved in the internal value chain must be networked to exploit the potential offered here. The exchange of data between components of the conveyor and storage technology and robot-supported systems, such as those used for order picking, palletising, or handling in production, is elementary here.


To find the right level of automation for the individual project requirements, we collaborate with our customers to develop the right and consistently effective automation solution from a single source. In this way, the intralogistics system or material

flow system realised with the appropriate components and subsystems in the manufacturing industry can generate high performance and efficiency. In addition, unnecessary interfaces are avoided, and maximum flexibility is achieved.


The interaction of modern control technologies with our innovative conveyor and storage technology components- also upon individual customer request - stands for this and the possible connection to our Warehouse Logistics Solution software AMI WLS-4.0.

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