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UL certification

DWS 2100

Dynamic goods storage DWS-2100


AMI Förder- und Lagertechnik GmbH is preparing for its market entry in the USA and Canada with certification according to UL2011 "Industrial Automation, Factory Automation Equipment".


Christian Nauroth "Head of Electrical Engineering" managed the certification process.

With the certificate, we can guarantee our customers increased safety in their applications and strengthen confidence in our products. Furthermore, we achieve a competitive advantage over non-certified products from other manufacturers.” The UL test mark also stands for the proven conformity of a product with the safety regulations of the USA and Canada. No other test mark has a comparable status. The certification is an important competitive factor for us in all countries that require UL-tested components," says Nauroth.


Underwriters Laboratories (UL for short) was founded in 1894 and is an independent organization that examines and certifies products with regard to their safety. The company's headquarters are in Northbrook, Illinois. UL is an independent global safety science company offering expertise in five strategic business areas: Product Safety, Environment, Life & Health, Knowledge Services and Verification Services. The UL Mark is evidence that a representative number of this product has been tested by UL and found to meet applicable standards or other requirements regarding potential risk of fire, electrical shock and mechanical hazard. With the UL test mark on a product, the manufacturer indicates that it continuously complies with the applicable standards. UL is the only independent organization authorized to issue the UL Mark as a certification.



The Dynamic Goods Storage DWS-2100 is used to buffer shipping objects such as polybags, packages, parcels, etc. An automatic height adjustment of the storage ensures an optimal degree of filling and distribution, as well as an ergonomic working height. The Dynamic Goods Storage can be installed on existing conveyor lines using various adaptation options.


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