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AMI-Lineanalyseris a software product for diagnosing automation systems. Based on the PackML state model and calculated OEE data, a complete analysis of weak points and bottlenecks is possible and allows targeted improvement measures to be derived . To optimize production processes, Lineanalyser offers the option of connecting third-party systems in addition to its own automation units. These include conveyors, palletizers, storage and retrieval machines, lifts and even robots.

• Bottlenecks are uncovered

• Optimization of production processes

• Recording downtime

• Report / Reporting

• Provides a real-time overview of asset status information

• Performance analysis of third-party machines

• History of performance data

• Service-oriented architecture

      - Independent of operating systems

• Connection to AMI backend

      - System analysis by AMI Service

• Operation via apps

      - Mobile

      - Desktop

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